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Wastana (LIFE GUARD)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This project incorporates condom distribution, skills building and condom destigmatization:

Wastana is a Male condom peer distribution program targeting sexually active males and females between the ages of 16 and 24. Male condoms and life-saving information will be distributed in the community through a program of peer distribution. Two condoms will be enclosed in a plain paper packet, which looks similar to a small folded piece of notebook paper. Inside the paper are two condoms, information about condom use and a list of service organizations that are significant in reducing the transmission of HIV in the community. Contact information for these service organizations are listed with brief information about the services available. Those who are contacting the service organizations are encouraged to disclose that they are calling from the WASTANA program. Participating service organizations have received sensitization training to the needs of young people. This program is being piloted in Addis Ababa and is scheduled to launch in August 2007. The current partnering organizations are: Family Guidance Association Ethiopia, Wegen AIDS Talkline (952), Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association, Black Lion Hospital VCTC and Zewditu Hospital VCTC and DKT Condoms.

Program model:

WASTANA condom packets are packaged into distribution boxes of 50 packs (each pack holding 2 condoms). These distribution boxes are given to male and female peer distributors who have received training about condom use and HIV transmission. They will also received skills training on potential adversity to condom distribution.

Peer distributors distribute the WASTANA packs to their peers in their community who are sexually active. Distributors can pick up additional condoms on a weekly basis. Recipients of the WASTANA packs can become distributors themselves if they complete the WASTANA distribution training program. Distributors are required to report weekly (or when they pick up additional condoms) about the communities they have distributed to.

This program will empower young people who are sexually active and who often can afford condoms but are ashamed or afraid to buy them or collect them from health centers. This program not only offers condoms but also access to information, testing and treatment, and creates a forum for dialog with young sexually active people in the community. The project will also increase the partnering community organizations' knowledge level on the best practices of condoms as well as promote community collaboration in the prevention of HIV transmission.

The Life Guard program is operating in...

Washington, DC, USA
New Delhi, India
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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