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The CONDOM PROJECT (TCP) works to bring information to the public about condoms. Using nontraditional approaches through art, performance and educational programs, TCP brings together the entire community to hear about the preventative power of condoms. We create a safe space where people feel comfortable talking about condoms and learning about how condoms can prevent the transmission of HIV. Our innovative approaches are effective and are currently used in six countries in Africa, India, Thailand and North America.

TCP partners with community, arts, educational and treatment organizations around the world teaching local volunteers how to prepare their unique communities to receive the message that condoms save lives. TCP works with communities and groups of all types, some of which include truckers, sex workers, executives, social workers, AIDS awareness clubs, health workers, women, youth and community groups, incarcerated men and women, and schoolchildren. And as our message and outreach spreads, so will the groups we work with.

Our programs are brought to targeted areas as well as anywhere a member of TCP or our partners happen to be, at community events, schools, film festivals, fashion shows, art centers, theaters, restaurants, galleries, conferences, cafˇs, bars and clubs. TCP's innovative approaches serve as an introduction, a door opener to discussion. Without it, the life-saving educational message of condoms may never even be delivered. TCP easily adapts across cultures to fit within an already existing local organizational structure that provides education and often other functions in an on-going basis in the community.

The Condom Project employs two primary tools to break down social stigma, open the door to conversation and promote the use of condoms as a life saving tool:

Condom Art Pins

30 Seconds: A Visual Voice

Life Guard

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