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United Nations Population Fund
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AIDS Empowerment and Treatment International
Partner Organizations:

Sangini (India) Trust, established in 1997, covers the following areas: sexual health, focused on sexual relationships and one's control over their own sexuality; reproductive health, providing information and choices on contraception and reproduction, safe pregnancy and delivery, treatment of infertility, safe and effective protection from unwanted pregnancy, STIs and HIV/AIDS; sexuality; sexual rights; and information and knowledge.

The Naz Foundation (India) Trust, established in 1994, is focused on a set of programs that deal with the HIV/AIDS epidemic--its medical, epidemiological, social, and cultural ramifications.
The Milan Center at NAZ provides services for the MSM Koti community.

Alden House is a residential center in Bangkok serving men and women, IV drug users who are trying to stop using drugs. Many residents are HIV positive. This group faces serious discrimination, and suffers from a lack of medical services and support.

MPlus is a non-profit organization in Chiang-Mai, Thailand that serves the gay, lesbian, and transgender communities. They are doing groundbreaking work and going to parks where quick, anonymous, and often rough, dangerous MSM (men having sex with men) sex is taking place. They bring condoms and safe-sex information to the parks, at the point where it is most needed.

TCP/Thailand School Project and Survey
A secondary school teacher in a town outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, Unchan Wonghaw, has organized a consortium of colleagues in five schools, all committed to bring safe sex and condom education to their schools. TCP has developed a school survey and, working with the School Project and Mplus, this is used to convince the school administrators and resistant teachers to bring condom education to the schools earlier, to protect these children against HIV.

Founded in 1985, Empower is a sex workers rights organization. TCP works with the branch Chiang Mai, Thailand. An NGO, Empower supports sex workers and promotes a safe working environment. Empower is a center that offers accurate information about safer sex and health, offers condoms, counseling, computer training, as well as information about worker's rights.

Health and Development Network (HDN)
HDN is a non-profit organization that works to improve communications in the HIV/AIDS field. Its mission is to mobilize a more effective response to HIV/AIDS through improving information, communications and improving the quality of the debate through the use of e-Forums which provides a platform for thousands of people and organizations to connect and to share lessons.

Mela Letewuled, TCP Ethiopia
This program was established through an invitation by Ethiopia's Minister of Health in 2004. A TCP country coordinator located in Addis Ababa oversees TCP in Ethiopia. Working in schools, anti-aids clubs, during coffee ceremonies, and with Ethiopian NGOs, TCP's coordinator, an assistant, and many volunteers have conducted countless workshops introducing the condom through the art pin and Visual Voice strategies.

TCP's partner groups in these four countries work through a collaboration with AIDS Empowerment and Treatment International (AIDSETI) and include: Burkina Faso: Association Africaine de Solidarite, Association AMMIE, Association ESPOIR et VIE, Association Laafi La Viim, Association Vie Positive / Wake Up, Responsabilité Espoir Vie Solidarité. Guinea: Fondation Espoir Guinée. Senigal: Aboya Senegal. Togo: Action Contre le Sida, Aides Médicales et Charité, Espoir Vie Togo.

TCP Nigeria
TCP partnerships in Nigeria evolved during participation in the 14th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa. This ICASO Conference, held in Abuja, Nigeria in December 2005, launched the TCP community awareness program in Nigeria. The community organizers of this group created a mobile street performance group, performing in and around Abuja. The group uses performance art and community participation to breakdown the stigma of condoms.

The Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association
The Four A's is a not-for-profit AIDS service organization. They provide case management, and other supportive services to people living with HIV/AIDS as well as HIV prevention

Camp TLC, The Joey DiPaolo Foundation
The Joey DiPaolo Foundation's Camp TLC, Teens Living a Challenge program, is a residential summer camp program for teens with HIV/AIDS.

The ACTOUT Project
ACTOUT is a collaborative of educators, entertainment professionals and street-certified youth workers that strives to help youth help themselves. Through participation in drama, art, song and dance.

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