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About the Paper we use to make Condom Art Pins.

The paper used to make Condom Art Pins comes primarily from India and Thailand. Indian paper is commonly made form cotton. Paper-making factories will often use the remnants of cotton clothing. Thai paper is made from the bark of the Saa tree which grows in the rain forest and is harvested at about 7 or 8 months.

The paper-making methods differ in each country. In India, the cotton is soaked overnight in chemicals to break down its fibers. It is then put through a grinding machine and pulverized. In Thailand, the Saa bark is soaked overnight in a pond for softening. It is then boiled with ash for 5 hours and pounded with a hammer.

After each product is pulverized and turned into pulp, it is boiled in peroxide and water. Color is added to the fibers. They are ground together, and this mixture is placed in a vat of water containing a screen at the bottom. The pulp is then mixed in the water and leveled on to the screen, which is left to dry in the sun.

Pattern is sometimes added to the paper using hand stamps.
Additional design can be achieved by adding leaves, petals or dried plant material.

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