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This program engages young people to create 30-second video clips desensitizing the community to condoms. These humorous, nonsensical clips have no dialogue, only music, and are not sexual in nature and have no religious content. Each 30 second clip represents the visual voice of youth around the world, and represents a non-traditional approach to reduce the ignorance, fear, and shame associated with condoms.
This program also incorporates those in the community who are not sexually active or are not comfortable handling condoms to be included in the message, allowing everyone to become carriers of the important message of condoms.

Young people, aged 13 to 24, create 30-second video productions according to the following parameters:
  • Each video must be 30 seconds in length;
  • Each must include a condom that is used in a non-sexual way, and;
  • Each must feature a story that can be told without dialogue, relying only on visual images to convey meaning.

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These video clips are created in a way that transcends culture and language. They are designed so that people from all walks of life are able to understand and relate to the stories being told. The videos have background music well-known in the country of origin and are works of art that both entertain and educate. TCP collects all the video clips that have been created, places them on a master DVD or VCD, and distributes copies of the master to participating groups. Due to the often humorous, non-sexual characteristics of the video clips, they have proven to be successful in spurring dialogue about condoms across cultures in a non-threatening way. Through increased dialogue about condoms in the community,
even those who are not sexually active can be involved in the project and benefit from the messages regarding the importance of condoms being sent by the 30 Seconds: A Visual Voice program. The innovative and non-traditional nature of the 30 Seconds: A Visual Voice program makes it a natural fit for existing programs seeking new ways to break down the stigma associated with condom use.
This program is currently operating in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Thailand and The USA.


Mother takes the condom
My socks keep falling down
I left my condoms in the phone booth
Sleeping with a pillow
Taking my coffee with me
The thief stole my purse
Watering the garden
Condom Games
I gave her my number


Taking my drink from the restaurant
Hair ties
paying with condoms


Games in the garden
I can't find my sock
Girls tie their hair back

Blowing up a condom
finding condoms and money on the road
Girls make jewelry
I hurt my leg
Paying the driver
Spicy food
Truck drivers change oil
Truck drivers party
Truckers hand out condoms


I lost my condom
Playing with the movie star


Getting ready to go out
The Doctor needs a glove
Beautiful Condoms
Fighting like birds
Condoms everywhere
I have your condoms and you have mine
Decorating glasses
Hiding condoms from the teacher
I need a book holder
The teacher finds my condoms
Treats for the teachers


Adam and Steve
No dogs on the clean floor

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